Jean Lowrie-Chin collects a signature from Mervyn Morris

Double Dose of Poetry from Mervyn Morris

At the dusk of his tenure as Poet Laureate of Jamaica, a tenure which began in May 2014 and came to an end May 2017, Professor Mervyn Morris gifted the world with a double dose of poetry.

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The cast of Karl Williams' Welcome to America - A Caribbean Musical

'Welcome to America Again'? Caribbean Musical gets Extended Run

With immigration as one of the hot-button topics currently gripping the United States, the debut of Karl William’s musical Welcome to America - A Caribbean Musical could not have been better timed. And that timing seems to be paying off.

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Chronixx is the face of Adidas Spezial 2017 line

Adidas Taps Rastaman Vibrations Through Chronixx

Fashion and music have long been close friends - with benefits. This spring, sportswear giant Adidas turned to reggae to find the new face and voice of its Spezial 2017 line in the form of reggae revival poster boy, Chronixx.

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Four Caribbean Writers Make Commonwealth Writers Shortlist

Four Caribbean Writers Make Commonwealth Writers Shortlist

Four Caribbean writers from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago have made it to the shortlist for the 2017 Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize.

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Burt Award 2017 finalists announced

2017 Burt Award for Caribbean Literature Finalists Announced

Trinidadians Kevin Jared Hosein and Lisa Allen-Agostini and Puerto Rican Viviana Prado-Nunez will be vying for the three top spots and CA$22,000 in prizes in the 2017 Burt Award for Caribbean Literature. The three finalists of the award were announced today, March 22, 2017.

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Tanya Stephens calls for banning of the word 'female' as a label before artists

Tanya Stephens Talks Sex, Reggae and How Hatred Shaped Her

An eloquent and talented lyricist, Tanya Stephens delivered an engaging and provoking talk as the penultimate speaker in the 2016 Reggae Talks series staged by the Department of Literatures in English at the UWI, Mona.

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Naomi Jackson debut author of Star Side of Bird Hill

Five Questions With Naomi Jackson

While at the Brooklyn Book Festival, Susumba caught up with the bright-eyed and charming Naomi Jackson debut author of The Star Side of Bird Hill (Penguin Press), published in June this year.

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Christopher McFarlane and Maylynne Lowe in Basil Dawkins' Toy Boy

Chris McFarlane on the Art and Craft of Acting

Prolific is one word that comes to mind when describing Christopher McFarlane, veteran actor of stage and screen.

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Heartbreak & Healing: Lynn Joseph's Dancing in the Rain

Heartbreak and Healing: Lynn Joseph's Dancing in the Rain

A twelve year old girl who believes she is a mermaid and an eight year old boy far wiser than his years find solace in each other in the aftermath of 9/11.

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Jacqueline Bishop's The Gymnast and Other Stories - a literary patchwork quilt

Her Patchwork Aesthetic: Jaqueline Bishop’s The Gymnast and Other Positions

Having traversed the genres of novel writing and poetry, writer-painter-photographer Jaqueline Bishop dips her toes into the well of short stories and essays in her collection The Gymnast and Other Positions.

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Nicole Dennis-Benn's Here Comes the Sun exposes the murky underbelly of tourism

Rejecting the Single Story: Nicole Dennis-Benn's Here Comes the Sun

Nicole Dennis-Benn’s debut novel Here Comes the Sun should come with a trigger warning. Despite the sunny, cheerful cover, these pages are filled with drought, desperation and desire – a scathing exposé on tourism.

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Leasho Johnson's Belasario provocative exhibition the Sounboy and Belasario

When the Soundboy Rules: Leasho Johnson's Solo Exhibition

In his first solo exhibition, Belasario and the Soundboy, Leasho Johnson draws a pulsating, drum and bass laden line between Jamaica’s colonial/plantation history, tourism and contemporary Jamaican sexuality as it is often uncovered in dancehall.

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