Small Axe 2016  Literary Competition Winners Announced

Trinidadian Writers Dominate Small Axe Prize 2016

The winners of the 2016 Small Axe Literary competition have been announced. The top places have been claimed by ‘Mango Feast’ by Portia Subran for fiction while ‘Learning to Swim’ by Soyini Ayanna Forde earned first prize for poetry.

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ReadCaribbean brings over 50 Caribbean writers to 2016 Miami Book Fair

ReadCaribbean Brings Caribbean Literary Massive to Miami Book Fair 2016

The 2016 staging of the Miami International Book Fair will have a massive influx of Caribbean writers as the new ReadCaribbean initiative results in over 50 writers from the French, Spanish and English speaking Caribbean participating in this year’s festival.

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l-r Filmmakes St. Juste, Saulter, Thompson, & Randall and moderator Cresser

Jamaican Film Industry Poised for Growth Says Veteran Producer Natalie Thompson

The Jamaican film industry has been trying to come to maturity but according to filmmaker Natalie Thompson, the time for reaping a robust film industry has finally arrived.

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Ibo Cooper, School of Music plays compere at Edna Manley 40th celebration launch

Edna Manley College Celebrates 40 and Calls for Greater Support of the Arts

Dennis Scott’s Dog provided a dramatic official start to The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts' 40th anniversary celebrations in the student theatre named after the iconic playwright.

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National Gallery of Cayman Hosts MAC 2016 on relevance of museums in the region

Are Museums Still Relevant? 2016 Caribbean Museum Conference Seeks to Redefine Museums and Art Institutions in the Region

With its heavy dependence on tourism, along with the natural resources that make up the islands in the Caribbean archipelago, the region’s culture and history are possibly the most important elements to the sector.

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Tanya Stephens calls for banning of the word 'female' as a label before artists

Tanya Stephens Talks Sex, Reggae and How Hatred Shaped Her

An eloquent and talented lyricist, Tanya Stephens delivered an engaging and provoking talk as the penultimate speaker in the 2016 Reggae Talks series staged by the Department of Literatures in English at the UWI, Mona.

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Naomi Jackson debut author of Star Side of Bird Hill

Five Questions With Naomi Jackson

While at the Brooklyn Book Festival, Susumba caught up with the bright-eyed and charming Naomi Jackson debut author of The Star Side of Bird Hill (Penguin Press), published in June this year.

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Christopher McFarlane and Maylynne Lowe in Basil Dawkins' Toy Boy

Chris McFarlane on the Art and Craft of Acting

Prolific is one word that comes to mind when describing Christopher McFarlane, veteran actor of stage and screen.

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Jazmyn delivered an energetic and diverse set at Last Sundays in November

Jamming with Jazmyn at National Gallery of Jamaica

As the National Gallery of Jamaica’s Last Sunday’s programme slowly and steadily ingrains itself into Jamaica’s artistic calendar, with each installment it is becoming the place and space to discover (possibly in that Christopher Columbus sense of the word) new

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Trevor Nairne uses Dancehall as a lens to explore Dennis Scott's Dog

Dancehall Highlights Social Strife in Dennis Scott's Dog

Trevor Nairne’s dancehallesque adaptation of Dennis Scott’s fantastic fable Dog is rife with sweet possibilities.

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David Brown's 'Labess' is one of the most striking dances of NDTC 2016

Reaching In to Tradition and Stretching Out to the Future: NDTC 2016 Season of Dance

Six years after Rex Nettleford’s passing, the National Dance Theatre Company reached inward and stretched, pulling out Kevin Moore’s Hommage a’ Dambala, a sweeping dance that is a clear inheritor of Nettleford’s legacy of mining folk culture and combining live music with dance for a d

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Kingston on the Edge 2016 closed with Art, music and a haze-filled sunset

Art, Music and Sunset Bring KOTE 2016 to a Vibrant Close

Kingston is a seaside city. This is an easy fact to forget, especially as you hopscotch over fetid water and the cracks and crags in the sidewalk.

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