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NLS 'Kickstarts' First Summer Residency

LSX at the NLS exhibition Binary Solved

The NLS art space, located in Kingston, has launched a month-long Kickstarter campaign to fund their first summer residency. NLS hopes to host Washington DC based performance artist, sculptor, and photographer Wilmer Wilson IV during summer 2013. In a project dubbed ‘Notes’, Wilson will be working with discarded party flyers, lottery tickets and other “paper epherma” to create relief sculptures which tell a part of the city’s story.

"His project offers us a unique opportunity to engage the rich but understated aspects of our environment, and the insight that this overlooked visual information can provide," said Deborah Anzinger, NLS founder.

To realize the goal, NLS hopes to raise US$2,750 which will cover the artist’s living expenses as well as material for the installation. Minimum donations are US$1.00 however donations from US$10 - $1,000 will be rewarded with thank you gifts.

Wilson’s residency will run from June to August. NLS, housed on Mountain View Avenue, is a visual arts initiative which encourages and facilitates experimental art. The space also encourages collaboration between artists, locally, regionally and internationally. On their project Kickstarter page, NLS explains,

“Having international artists work in Jamaica is an important part of NLS’ programming because while we grow the art scene locally we work towards a more connected global network of artists in which information is accessed openly.”

NLS has previously facilitated exhibitions and/or installations by Afifa Aza, Rodell Warner and Marlon James.