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Rodell Warner is NLS Artist in Residence 2014

Rodell Warner's images: projections and paintings

Trinidadian new media artist Rodell Warner is the summer 2014 artist in residence at the New Local Space, NLS, in Kingston. Warner’s tenure as NLS artist-in-residence will see the execution of a installation using fashion, photography and object design as Warner will collaborate with local designers to create wearable garments and art objects  using images from around the city.

Warner’s residency was announced recently as NLS launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund the residency. 

Warner’s work opened the ARC Magazine New Media Programming in the 2013 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival and was featured in photography book Pictures from Paradise: A Survey of Contemporary Caribbean Photography

Warner’s engagement of populist approaches in contemporary art has received regional and international exhibition at Trinidad’s Alice Yard and the Medulla Gallery (Port-of-Spain) the Edna Manley College (Kingston) and NIROX Projects (Johannesburg, South Africa). 

Rodell Warner during the exhibition 'Binary Solved'“Rodell's residency not only opens up regional communication in the arts, specifically between Trinidad and Jamaica, but also opens up communication between fine art and other fields-- fashion, photography and video,” says Deborah Anzinger, NLS’ executive director. “His project is an exciting step in art development and audiences will find his project an energising change to the norms in art practices here," Anzinger continued.

During the first two weeks of his two month long residency, Warner will collect images, create patterns, meet with the designers and makers, upload images and order fabrics. Over the next five weeks Warner will work with designers on garments and objects as well as develop animation of patterns and promoting the final event. 

The resulting pieces will be shared in a live event specific to Kingston, in which the images and patterns shape the event space. After Kingston, the project will move, engaging new environments and communities of makers, connecting each physical city, collaborative community, and projected image as a single central, active online community. 

The last two weeks will feature the exhibition period. NLS is currently attempting to raise  USD $3,400 to facilitate the project.