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Insides: New Works by Camille Chedda, Phillip Thomas, Prudence Lovell and Oneika Russell

Insides a New Visual Art Exhibition at NLS

While most of the country focused its attention on the young athletes rivaling for domination in the 2015 Boys and Girls Athletic Championships at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica, just across the road NLS was opening its latest exhibition dubbed Insides.

Insides, focuses on interrogating the idea of drawing, whether rendered digitally or by hand, and features new work from Camille Chedda, Oneika Russell, Phillip Thomas and Prudence Lovell. The exhibition will be open from March 28 through to April 28, 2015.

Phillip Thomas' 'Untitled #1'Prudence Lovell’s ‘Untitled [ConnectedII]’ is particularly striking, in no small part because of how it uses and dominates, without overpowering the space. Rendered on carbon on mylar, the work questions connectivity in the contemporary world, where the cell phone, supposedly a tool for communication is most often used for selfies. The reflective surface of the piece also makes the viewer complicit as they too become reflected in the image when they approach.

Philip Thomas, who earned a bronze Musgrave Award in 2014, has two pieces in the exhibition the intriguing collage ‘Untitled #1’ (mixed media on canvas) and ‘Untitled #2’ Acrylic on ceramic. ‘Untitled #2’ carries resonances from his earlier pieces ‘Matador Revised’ and ‘IMF... (u***d)’. ‘Untitled #1’ however, is a self-portrait exploring the idea of making meaning, and possibly the meaningfulness of art.Camille Cheddda's 'Sketch for Exchange Value'

Camille Chedda, one of the winners of the inaugural Dawn Scott Award (2014) continues her exploration of disposable lives and value of black lives with ‘Sketch for Exchange Value’. The work features faces inked on to the insides of inflated clear plastic bags and packed on plastic crates, drawing clear lines between lives and commodities. 

Oneika Russell also has two installations in the exhibition. The first is her collection, ‘A Natural History: An album is her artist book which provides a look of several years of her work.  Russell’s second contribution to the exhibition is the video installation, ‘A Natural History 5 Sequence 2’.

Insides opened on Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 6:00 pm. NLS is a contemporary visual art initiative and micro gallery on Mountain View Avenue in Kingston. The exhibition can be viewed by appointment.