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Edward Baugh and Erna Brodber for Bim Lit Fest 2014

Prof Edward Baugh and Erna Brodber for Bim Lit Fest

Professor Edward Baugh and Erna Brodber are among the announced headliners as Barbados gears up for the 2014 installment of the Bim Literary Festival and Book Fair. This year’s edition of the Bim Lit Fest takes place under the theme ‘Crossing: Breaking Borders’. 

Baugh (Black Sands, It Was the Singing) and Brodber (Jane and Luisa Will Soon Come Home, The Rainmaker’s Mistake), both Jamaican writers, will be joined by writers from Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia and the UK as well as established and emerging writers from Barbados. The list of writers include Evelyne Trouillot, Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné, Vladimir Lucien and Verna Wilkins. 

The two day festival, slated for May 16 and 17, will feature readings, book launches, workshops  and panel discussions. The roster of discussions include exploration of identities and ethnicities as well as sexuality and the thin line between sanity and insanity. 

Poetry Masterclass by Mark McWatt (The Language of Eldorado) as well as fiction masterclasses by Erna Brodber, Karen Lord (Redemption in Indigo) and Robert Edison Sandiford (And Sometimes They Fly). 

The Bim Lit Fest also has a children’s writing component. Danielle Boodoo-Fortune will host a writing workshop for junior writers while Verna Wilkins, founder and managing director of UK press Tamarind Books will host a workshop on adults writing and publishing for children. 

The festival will also feature the launch of the Bridgetown Literary Tour.

The Bim Lit Fest is a biennial event and takes place in Festival Square, Bridgetown, Barbados. It is staged under the patronage of the Prime Minister’s Office.