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Akashic Books Introduces Duppy Thursday Flash Fiction Series

Akashic Books Introduces Duppy Thursday

Brooklyn based independent publisher Akashic Books (As Flies to Whatless Boys, God Carlos, Iron Balloons) is delving into Caribbean myth and mythology for its newest flash fiction series. Dubbed Duppy Thursday the series is seeking works of flash fiction incorporating Caribbean creatures of myth and mythology which will be published on the Akashic website. 

“Though we’re based in Brooklyn, our location envy of the Caribbean is evident throughout our catalog. One aspect of  Caribbean literature that appeals to us is the integration of folklore into contemporary stories,” said the publishers in a release. Crossing over into Caribbean myth is not a new road for Akashic as it was a main feature in Marlon James’ debut novel John Crow’s Devil (2005). 

“Whether it be the spider Anansi, the devil woman La Diablesse, the Soucouyant, Mama Dlo, or Papa Bois, these mythical beings have injected life (and death) into the literature of the region. As with our other flash fiction series, we challenge you to tell your story in 750 words or less,” the release said. 

Stories submitted for consideration should not exceed 750 words and be set in a Caribbean location and incorporate some aspects of folklore, which may be the focal point of the story or only tangential to it. 

Other flash fiction series operated by the Akashic are Mondays are Murder with fiction modeled on their Noir series (Caribbean renditions of which included Havana Noir, Trinidad Noir, Haiti Noir and Kingston Noir) and Terrible Twosdays which was inspired by Go the Fuck to Sleep.