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Commonwealth Writers Snuffs the Book Prize: Focus on Commonwealth Short Story Prize

Commonwealth Writers

The Commonwealth Writers Book Prize has died. It’s death was announced via the Commonwealth Writers website where the 2014 Prize was recently announced.

“Commonwealth Writers has re-focused its prizes to concentrate on the Short Story. It will no longer offer the Commonwealth Book Prize,” announced the site.

This announcement is the second major shift in the nature of the prize in just a few short years. The competition was revised in 2011 when the Book Prize, which awarded established authors was abandoned and only first books became eligible. Additionally, the eligibility criteria of the Short Story Prize was also shifted with stories of 2,000 - 3,000 words being accepted. Previously, the short story prize focused on stories suitable for broadcast, of about 600 words in length.

The 2014 Commonwealth Prize will open for entry on October 1, 2013 and close November 30, 2013. Ellah Allfrey, Deputy Chair of the Council of the Caine Prize will chair the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize. Allfrey was previously Deputy Editor of Granta and Senior Editor at Jonathan Cape, Random House.

Regional winners of the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize will receive £2,500 and the Overall Winner will receive £5,000. Eligible short stories must be previously unpublished, however, translated works are acceptable and the translator would receive an additional prize.

The 2013 Commonwealth Short Story Prize was won by Sharon Millar (The Whale House) and Eliza Robertson (We Walked on Water).