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JCDC Launches Gold Anthology of Short Stories

JCDC Gold Anthology of Short Stories

Despite the inability of any of the this year’s prose fiction writers to attain gold, the 2013 Jamaica Creative Writing Awards Ceremony formed the backdrop for the celebration of those writers who had done so in the past. The awards ceremony doubled as the unveiling of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s Gold Anthology, a collection of short stories awarded gold in the annual competition between 1999 and 2006.

The Gold Anthology features a foreword by poet and literary critic Professor Emeritus Edward Baugh and contains stories from Rudolph Wallace, Dionne Jackson Miller, A-dZiko Simba, and Michael Reckord.
Ambrozene Simpson (righ) collects her medals
According to Andrew Brodber, Speech, Drama and Literary Arts Specialist at the JCDC, the Commission intends to promote the book throughout the island and in the diaspora.

“These are wonderful Jamaican stories,” Brodber said. “We think that is raw material for television series and films.”

Prior to the unveiling of the anthology, the top entries in this year’s competition were awarded, receiving medals and trophies according to genre and category as well as general awards.
Basil Dawkins (right) collects his trophy from Shirley Carby and Cindy Breakspeare
At the end of the night poet Gloria Malcolm-Foster had copped the top prize. Indeed, poetry was the only genre in which the writers managed to uncover gold. Malcolm-Foster was amongst those recipients for her piece ‘Sometimes’. The poet had also managed to mine silver with the piece ‘Jack and Jill’, while ‘Rain’ had earned a merit award. Her play GSAT also earned a merit award.

The second and third overall prizes were also copped by poets with Ava-Gay Bennett earning the Outstanding Writer award (second place) and Ambrozene Simpson earning third place.

In the play category, two writers attained silver. Basil Dawkins uncovered the precious metal for his script My God Don’t Wear Pajamas as did Omaall Wright for Belly Woman. A sole silver award was given out in the essays category going to Rayon Simpson for ‘Multicultural Education’. Novels also only managed a single silver medal which was copped by Helen Williams for The Last of the Marogs.  

Helen Williams collects her trophy for Last of the Marogs

Category Awards:

Best Junior Poet - Nattalie Gordon
Best Intermediate Poet - Ava-Gay Bennett
Best Adult Poet - Ambrozene Simpson
Best Adult Essayist - Rayon Simpson
Best Junior Short Story Writer - Leiso Edwards
Best Adult Short Story Writer - Michael Miller
Best Junior Playwright - Omaall Miller
Best Adult Playwright - Basil Dawkins
Best Intermediate Novelist - Helen Williams

Overall Awards

Noteworthy Writer - Chadwich Foster and Malachi Smith
Choice Writer - Nattalie Gordon
Special Writer - Ambrozene Simpson
Outstanding Writer - Ava-Gay Bennett
Best Overall Writer - Gloria Malcolm-Foster