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Stephanie Saulter Launches Debut Novel at Bookophilia

Stephanie Saulter author of Gemsigns

The Jamaican cultural landscape is about to be introduced to the creative imagination of yet another Saulter as Stephanie Saulter, sister to directors Nile and Storm Saulter, launches her debut novel, Gemsigns on Thursday, June 13, 2013.

Gemsigns the first book of the ®Evolution trilogy is set in a dystopian future where the world is recovering from a neurological disease. Ominously dubbed ‘The Syndrome’, the disease targeted the young and brought mankind to the edge of extinction. The cure was devised through genetic modification of humans, but what started as a way to save humanity, soon became a booming business run by conglomerates.

It is a world in which genetic modification has become the norm, but those who have been so modified, many of them hideously so, are not deemed normal, and deviance is highly suspect in a world where difference has removed from the gene pool. These genetically modified humans dwelt in years of enslavement and the novel begins shortly after their emancipation.

Gemsigns surrounds issues of difference, family, and freedom. The book is published by  Jo Fletcher Books (an imprint of Quercus Publishign) and was originally released in the United Kingdom in March of this year. Thursday’s event is therefore its Jamaican launch.

Saulter, who is a resident of the UK is currently a consultant. She has also been a real estate developer, and restaurant manager among several other hats to which she now adds novelist.

The launch will be held at Bookophilia, Hope Road, Kingston at 6:30pm.