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Totlyn Oliver Gives 'Jamaica 101': A Book on Jamaican Culture

Jamaica 101 by Totlyn Oliver Banks

Well-known broadcaster Totlyn Oliver Banks has added to the growing pile of works commemorating Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence, with Jamaica 101, a book on Jamaican culture. The name no doubt sums up what the work is trying to be, synopsis of Jamaican heritage and culture which is being described as a “conversation starter".

The book combines the humourous and the nostalgic providing facts that can appeal to Jamaicans, visitors to the island as well as those who are simply Ja-curious. According to a news release, Jamaica 101 proffers a series of lists on numerous topics that present the colour and vibrance of Jamaican life. Topics covered in the 120-page book include bird watching, endemic trees, events, the language and even song lyrics. Some lists have been compiled in English while others are in Jamaican Creole.

“It is meant to provide us with a ready recall, so that we do not forget or miss that which makes us uniquely Jamaican,” Oliver Banks said.  “[T]his book is meant to remind us, who live in the island, or those who have left, what is special to us. Jamaica 101 is meant to endear those who do not know us fully and for those who live with Jamaica in their heart, no matter where in the world they might be,” she said.

Jamaica 101 was released via Amazon on October  17, 2013.