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Calabash 2014 - A Delicious Literary Fest!

Zadie Smith and Colum McCann at Calabash 2014

Last weekend, Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, sizzled as the words of some of the world’s most renowned writers contested the sun’s unrelenting heat for supremacy.

'We're hardwired to desire stories': Salman Rushdie at Calabash 2014

Paul Holdengraber interviews Salman Rushdie at Calabash 2014

When Sir Salman Rushdie took over the thatched-roofed stage by the bay at Calabash International Literary Festival 2014, it seemed that the venue suddenly had more patrons than grass.

Of Poets and Crickets: The Drawing Room Project

Christine Craig

“Bring yuh blanket” the poster for Reading Nights in Air advised, warning of the cool St. Mary nights. It was good advice, and though there were no blankets about, the poets in the audience had instead armed themselves with their verse.

‘Creating Space and Time for Well-Crafted Poetry’: Mervyn Morris Installed as Poet Laureate of Jamaica

Professor Mervyn Morris Poet Laureate of Jamaica

With his clear, insightful speech that was to the point yet engaging, Professor Mervyn Morris exemplified the reason he is an excellent choice for Jamaica’s first officially declared Poet Laureate.

Maggie Harris of Guyana Cops Regional Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2014

Regional Winners of Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize 2014

The regional winners of the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize have been announced and Guyana’s Maggie Harris has snagged the Caribbean title with her story ‘Sending For Chantal’. 

Mervyn Morris Joins Calabash 2014 Line-up

Professor Mervyn Morris

With his latest accolade as Poet Laureate of Jamaica still shiny and bright, Professor Mervyn Morris joins the list of literary heavyweights on the 2014 line-up of the Calabash International Literary Festival as writers from the Caribbean, the US, the UK, Kenya and India get ready to


Adura Onashile in HeLa

With the rare exception of Archimedes streaking naked down the streets shouting ‘eureka!’ or images spawned from the imagination of Mary Shelley and other creators of the un/near/former-dead, scientific discovery is not often thought of as a space for high drama.

Edward Baugh and Erna Brodber for Bim Lit Fest 2014

Prof Edward Baugh and Erna Brodber for Bim Lit Fest

Professor Edward Baugh and Erna Brodber are among the announced headliners as Barbados gears up for the 2014 installment of the Bim Literary Festival and Book Fair. This year’s edition of the Bim Lit Fest takes place under the theme ‘Crossing: Breaking Borders’. 

Caribbean Poets Celebrate Mikey Smith

Kei Miller reads from his latest collection of poems

Three Caribbean Writers Shortlisted for Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2014

Three Caribbean Writers Make Commonwealth Writers Shortlist

Three Caribbean writers hailing from Guyana, the Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago have made the list of nineteen writers vying for the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize.