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Better Mus Come Snags US Distribution

Sheldon Shepherd as Ricky in Better Mus Come

Storm Saulter’s Better Mus Come has been slowly and steadily making in-roads into the international film circuit, winning itself fans one festival at a time. However, the film has finally landed a United States distribution contract as the first acquisition of the new label ARRAY allowing the film a multi-platform release throughout the US.

Better Mus Come’s recent conquests include a Best Actor Award, snagged by Sheldon Shepherd at the American Black Film Festival last year. Better Mus Come has snapped up several other awards since its debut. The film earned awards for Best Feature Film at both the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival and the Bahamas International Film Festival while it copped the Best Director Award at the Pan-African Film Festival. Better Mus Come has also been screened at the British Film Institute, The Toronto International Film Festival and Film Society of Lincoln Centre.

ARRAY was recently formed by the African American Film Festival Releasing Movement (AFFRM). The fact that the film is the first to be released by the label underscores their confidence in the Jamaican film.

“Storm’s work in Better Mus Come as director, writer and cinematographer is wildly impressive, incredibly important and deserves to be seen by as many film lovers as possible,” said AFFRM’s founder Ava DuVernay, in a release circulated by ARRAY. “We’re proud that this gem will launch ARRAY”.

DuVernay also explained that the label was created to provide a platform for the burgeoning number of independent black films. “The goal is to expand the brand cultivated over our first four theatrical releases by reaching new audiences via both digital and traditional platforms,” she said.

Better Mus Come is set in the tumultuous 1970s Jamaica and is very loosely based on the Green Bay Massacre. The film is co-produced by Paul Buckner and executive produced by Joshua Bratter and Samantah Bratter. Saulter is co-founder of the New Caribbean Cinema which recently produced its first film, the anthology feature film Ring Di Alarm.