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Blakka Ellis Gets Ready for 'Showtime'

Owen 'Blakka' Ellis

He already has the titles comedian, actor, poet, writer and columnist notched on his belt. Now Owen ‘Blakka’ Ellis is getting ready to carve another as he prepares to step into the late night television talk show arena with Blakka Ellis Showtime.

Blakka Ellis Showtime is currently slated for a late November start on Television Jamaica (TVJ) and Ellis has already begun prepping his wish list of interviewees which he says will cross the social gamut, the only criteria is that they will be interesting. He laughingly admits that pior to her appearance on NBC's The Voice, he had Tessanne on his list, but now, he's not so sure he'll be able to get her

"It’s something I've always wanted to do: engage people in intelligent conversation but not in an academic way,” he reveals to Susumba. “It's intelligent people having fun, intelligent conversations," Ellis says.

The show, programmed for late Saturday nights should begin airing on November 23, 2013.

When asked what viewers can expect, Ellis’ answer is simple: "Irreverence, inspiration, introspection and top-class entertainment and conversation,” he says.

"I'm going to be very irreverent and challenge a lot of Jamaican norms. I'm going to be calling out people and I'm not going to be avoiding my pet peeves of Jamaican masculinity and violence,” the outspoken comedian noted.

"An important element that I'm looking for is short interviews with people who are known interviewers,” Ellis says, revealing a little more of what is to come. “It's called ‘Flipping the Switch’, giving them a chance to be the one cornered."

Ellis also noted that an element of the show is going to be a novel vox pop based solely on men in bars, which will be called ‘Speakers FoRum’.

The formula of a comic hosting a late-night talk show is one that has worked well in main-stream media, with some of the top hosts including Bill Maher and Jay Leno having had their start doing stand-up comedy.

Blakka Ellis Showtime is a collaboration of TVJ and Ellis International. The hour-long show will have a 13 episode first season.