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Chris Hutchinson and Randy McLaren to Star in New Buddy Cop Comedy

Squaddy, staring Randy McLaren (left) & Chris Hutchinson (right) airs in October

Two young actors are getting what could be their big break. Chris Hutchinson and Randy McLaren have been signed on as the leads to the new comedy series, Squaddy, coming out of iVu TV. iVu, through their parent company eMedia, recently launched their suite of programmes and the buddy cop comedy was listed among them. Hutchinson and McLaren play Touchie and Scrapings two long time friends who join the police force.

Hutchinson is no new-comer to the screen having appeared in Chris Browne’s Ghett’a Life as well as snagging the starring role in Parish Bull one of the shorts in the upcoming anthology film, Ring Di Alarm produced by New Caribbean Cinema. Hutchinson has also on the stage with roles in  Jambiz International Productions Easy Street and Woody’s Last Stand among others.

Squaddy is McClaren’s screen debut. However, the actor and dub poet has a sound stage history through his work with the Jamaica Youth Theatre and has appeared in plays such as Man Better Man, 1888, and Masquerde. Some of his dubpoetry pieces such as ‘The Armadale Fire’ have also picked up reasonable traction.

Hutchinson revealed that he is excited about the new show and that it comes at a time when he has gained greater confidence as an actor.

“It’s exciting,” Hutchinson said. “For the first time in my acting career I’m not fearful. I just go out and do,” he said remarking that he only recently began accepting that he was an actor.

“Now I’m accepting that I can be the actor people think that I can be,” Hutchinson revealed. “Now I’m more comfortable taking on a role.”

McClaren, who recently returned from participation in the 7th Barefeet Arts Festival in Zambia, described Squaddy as a new and welcome challenge.

“It’s a new challenge and a new experience so I’m looking forward to it and embracing it,” McLaren said.

McLaren was also enthused about his return from his first trip to the motherland, an event he said was to have happened three years ago.

“I will forever be greatful for ht trip to Mama Africa,” McLaren said. At the Barefeet Festival, McLaren had delivered several performances as well as facilitated a workshop on creative activism.  

Squaddy is written and directed by eMedia CEO, Tyrone Wilson. The show will begin airing the weekend of October 25, 2013. The half-hour series can be seen on the iVu online TV platform as well as on Flow TV.