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Fashion Illustrated: Ayanna Dixon

Ayana Dixon

Ayanna Dixon of ASD is one of the young Caribbean creative professionals trying to make the cut in the grueling world of fashion. Recently, Dixon treated herself to  a different kind of gift for her birthday.

Rastafari, Rebellion and the Love of Kush - Jah9 Speaks


Her debut album New Name suggests more than a change of nomenclature, it speaks to a radical shift in a way of seeing the world, providing an official marking of Jah9’s shift from jazz to reggae as she staked her claim as one of the lionesses of the Reggae Revi

Kellie Magnus - Moving on Up

Kellie Magnus founder and Editorial Director of Jackmandora

Kellie Magnus, the force behind Jack Mandora and author of the endearing Little Lion series of stories for children is making a play to move her company from being a small press to becoming a major player in the publishing industry.

Christopher 'Johnny' Daley: From Lime Tree Lane to Kingston Paradise

Christopher 'Johnny' Daley

At age ten, Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley dipped his toe into the theatrical pool and since then he's been splashing around trying out different styles. Daley, now an established actor, radio talk show host and comedian, was brought into the theatre while he was attending HWT Primary.

Matthew McCarthy: Visualizing the Reggae Revival

Matthew McCarthy

Chronixx, Protoje, Jah 9, Kabaka Pyramid, Raging Fire and Nomaddz are hailed as the voices of the Reggae Revival. But there is also a visual arm, declared in the works of Matthew McCarthy and his New Jamaica Collective, who use a style built on the urbanized ethos of graffiti.

"See the Poet Man there!": Edward Baugh on Poetry

Edward Baugh

“The thing I’ve always wanted to be most was a poet,” said Edward Baugh. We are rounding towards the end of our interview regarding the launch of his latest collection Black Sands: New and Selected Poems.

Olivia McGilchrist Talks Art, Artistry and Inspiration

Audiences enjoy the mysticism of McGhilchrist's 'Native Girl' in New Roots

Olivia McGilchrist returned to the island of her birth, Jamaica, in 2011 and since then her pursuit of an understanding of her identity has graffitied itself onto the Jamaican artistic landscape to great acclaim.

Toni-Kay Dawkins on Sitting in the Director's Chair with 'Toy Boy'

Toni-Kay Dawkins talks about her new role as director of Basil Dawkins' Toy Boy

Earlier this week, Susumba sat down for a quick chat with Toni-Kay Dawkins about her directorial debut with the re-staging of Basil Dawkins’ Toy Boy. She talks about the challenges, fears and lessons learnt as she tackled one of her father’s most successful production.

Shooting for 'Paradise': Mary Wells on Her Debut Film

Mary Wells writer and director of Kingston Paradise

When filmmaker Mary Wells started the journey toward her first feature film, Kingston Paradise, she had no delusions that it would be an easy road, but she hadn’t expected it to be as arduous or as long.

Nile Saulter - Finding His Voice Behind the Lens

Nile Saulter's work is being exhibited in New Roots: 10 Emerging Artists

To many, the short, dark rotund man peddling pillows in Barbican Square, is just a regular figure on the streets of Kingston. One of the many Jamaicans who follow their entrepreneurial leanings in a small time selling on the streets.