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NLS Presents an 'Intimate Encounter' With Marlon James

Marlon James

In the tiny room that houses the big ambitions of the NLS art initiative, photographer Marlon James staged his first solo exhibition, Intimate Encounters.

'Shooting For Happiness' - Joanne C. Hillhouse talks about writing and more

Joanne C. Hillhouse

Joanne C. Hillhouse is an Antiguan writer. Her novel Oh Gad! is a Zane Presents work, published by Strebor Books. She is the author of The Boy From Willow Bend and Dancing Nude in the Moonlight.

The DJ, the Artist & The Academic - Afifa Aza

Afifa Aza creative director of So((u))l

“I'm an artist. I'm a DJ,” says Afifa Aza, creative director of Sounds of Life - So((u))l, which she operates with Georgia Love. Afifa’s affair with music has lasted a lifetime but approximately four years ago, to took it to another level.

Talking and Writing Divorce - Opal Palmer Adisa

Opal Palmer Adisa

It is the season of sorrel and cake, but a platter of prose and poetry by Opal Palmer Adisa was also served up at Redbones the Blues Cafe. Palmer Adisa’s menu included selections from the anthology she co-edited Caribbean Erotic and her second novel Painting Away Regrets.

Raging Fyah - Blazing a Reggae Trail

Kumar Bent and Delroy 'Pele' Hamilton the rhythm and bass of Raging Fyah

Jamaica’s live music scene has been heating up. The ferment is in part being driven by the renaissance of live bands that have once again become prominent on the island’s music scene and the band Raging Fyah has been a piece of kindling keeping the blaze going.

Love, Food and the Love of Food - ‘The Bachelor Chef’ Speaks

Shea Stewart

Once upon a time, men didn’t cook. And of course, that is pure fiction. As the stereotype of the non-cooking man (of course looking for a worthwhile damsel to cook a path to his heart) gets tossed out like yesterday’s peelings more and more men are embracing their inner chef.

Shara McCallum: - On Finding Home and Avoiding Narcissism

Shara McCallum and Kei Miller at the 2012 Bocas Literary Festival

Poetry is often intensely personal business, an intimate dissection of the heart and mind. Yet for Shara McCallum, poetry requires more than the personal. To focus only on the personal, she says, will result in a narcissistic, myopic vision.

Dub from Israel to Jamrock - Alon Braier Winner of the International Reggae Poster Competition 2012

Alon Braier Winner of the First International Reggae Poster Competition

Kingston, Jamaica: When judging ended on the first International Reggae Poster Competition, Israeli freelance illustrator Alon Braier had copped the top prize with his Roots of Dub poster.

Gaia Budhai - A Meditative Life

Gaia Budhai

For the past month, Jamaican born yoga instructor Gaia Budhai, owner of Miami Beach’s, first yoga studio, has been hosting a yoga workshop at Bromley House, nestled in the cool St. Ann Hills, a literal stone’s throw away from Walker’s Wood.

Sharon Millar - A Writer to Watch

Sharon Millar

Plagued by a struggling publishing industry, many Caribbean writers find it best to migrate to the metropoles where the machinery of agents and managers make the road from manuscript to book a little less precarious.