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Blueprint Heads to London for GBOB Finals

Di Blueprint Band

Di Blueprint Band, winner of the 2011 Jamaica Global Battle of the Bands competition, is about to set off to wage musical warfare in the United Kingdom. The band held its farewell concert on Friday night, November 23, to fans who lustily showed their support as the band heads off to London to compete in the GBOB finals 2012, on December 9.

“They go to combat the the world and I believe it is history,” said national director of GBOB Jamaica, Seretse Small. “They are one of the best ensembles I have ever seen. I really believe that they are the best example of what we want to take from Jamaica to the world,” Small said.

Seretse Small National Director of GBOB JamaicaDi Blueprint is among a slew of bands, including Raging Fyah, C-Sharp, and Further Notice, that have been steadily streaming out of the Edna Manley college through their popular music programme. The band members Verne Hill, Elton Brown, Alex Gallimore, and Kedron Kennedy have received great endorsement from the Edna Manley College as well as their former instructor and head judge of GBOB Jamaica, Ibo Cooper.

On Friday night, the band’s performance suggested that they have indeed created a blue print that may lead to commercial viability, which Small noted is one of the major elements that the judges at the GBOB finals are looking for. Di Blueprint combines a bit of reggae, with a dash of soul, a splash of rock performance aesthetics and a sprinkling of R&B. Their engaging and lively performance, which includes the willingness to put in some bump and grind to trigger the screaming-girls-effect, combined with strong musicianship is enough to make the sugar-coated, occasionally inane lyrics like “you are my baby-boo” sound palatable. And that is the hallmark of pop music. Di Blueprint Band

Small, explained the trials of getting GBOB Jamaica off the ground. He pointed out that during that first year in 2005 live bands were few and far between. He highlighted his point by noting that when he pitched the idea to the first potential sponsor, they did not understand the concept of the band as the artist, rather than merely backing a vocalist.

Di Blueprint Band is slated to depart the island on December 7, 2012, and will compete against 17 bands from across the world. Should they prove victorious, they will be the second Jamaican band to bring home the title as Dubtonic Krew was named GBOB World Champion in 2010.