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Blueprint Snags GBOB 2012 Championship

Di Blueprint Band in performance at Vera Mood Hall

Di Blueprint Band, winner of the 2011 Jamaica Global Battle of the Bands competition, have been declared the 2012 champion, and therefore dubbed ‘Best New Band in the World’. The GBOB championships took place on December 9 with 18 bands from across the world battling for musical supremacy at the Scala in London.

This is  be a major victory for the very young band which is one of the growing number of bands spawned at the Edna Manley college. Di Blue Print had delivered a farewell performance at the Vera Moody Hall, Edna Manley which showcased their blend of reggae, soul and R&B complimented by some rock aesthetics. The combination proved a winning mixture.

Di Blue Print was competing against bands from Greece, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Cyprus, Lebanon, Romania, Bahamas, Ireland, Scotland, Australasia, and England. The number two position was copped by Manfellows of Romania and third place by Stinking Ways from Bahamas.

A report of the events from National Director of the the GBOB Jamaica, Seretse Small, points out that it was a bit of a close call for the band as they hit a major snag during the sound check when two of their power adapters were burnt out and which meant performing with neither rock nor vocal synthesizers. Nonetheless, the band was able to recover from the set back after scouring for a replacement.

Di Blue Print’s victory makes Jamaica a two-time winner of the event. Dubtonic Krew was named GBOB World Champion in 2010.