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Mryna Hague Tells Fans 'You Keep Coming So I Keep Showing Up'

Myrna Hague prepares for another edition of Simply Myrna in Concert

Celebrated singer Myrna Hague is gearing up for another edition of the Simply Myrna concert, on Saturday, March 7, 2015. In her brief address to the audience gathered at the media launch at the Hotel Four Seaons, Hague delivered an emotional commitment to Jamaica and her fans.

“Five years ago when I started this, I didn’t know I would still be doing this,” Hague said.

She explained that when she first returned to Jamaica, having spent most of her childhood in the United Kingdom, it was with more than a little uncertainty, but that soon changed.. 

“I stayed because I wanted to belong. I wanted to be somewhere I belonged,” she said, and in Jamaica she found a home for her music and culture. “You have given me somewhere my identity as a human being is secure.

“Artistically, I know I’m swimming upstream, when everyone else is swimming down stream. I’m doing what I’m not supposed to be doing.”

Hague went on to point out that it is the audience and their continued interest and commitment that keeps the show going. 

“You keep coming, so I keep showing up. I cannot tell you just how grateful I am,” Hague told her audience. She also promised that they would received all the elements they enjoyed about Simply Myrna in concert.

“It’s gonna be a good show. I’m gonna kick off my heels. I’m gonna sing, I’m gonna dance. I’m gonna do all the things you love to see me do,” Hague said.

This year’s edition of Simply Myrna will feature Dobby Dobson, AJ Brown and the Cari Folk Singers, while Desi Jones will be the evening’s band leader of the 10 piece band with arrangements by Ralph Holding Jr. 

Producer and founder of Simply Myrna, Lennon Crooks explains that the show was designed to appeal to the more mature audience in Jamaica, that he said was dying for an event they could identify with. According to Crooks, the return patronage underscores that they are filling a need.

Simply Myrna 2015 will take place at the Courtleigh Auditorium, New Kingston. Part proceeds of the event go the the Sonny Bradshaw foundation.