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Protoje For Calabash 2016

Protoje for Calabash 2016

While the Calabash International Literary Festival remains at its core a literary festival, since it’s inception, it has had a roaring affair with music which bears fruit in many ways and often skanks its influence onto the way the programme. Over the years the festival has also delivered some memorable musical moments and with Protoje headlining Friday night’s Midnight Ravers, it is gearing up for another.

With three critically celebrated albums under his belt, Protoje is now firmly entrenched among the current Reggae elite, so much so that he now has his own protege, Sevana, who will also be performing at Midnight Ravers.

Cala-Clash makes its return on Saturday night with DJ Bambino and DJ Sparks at the controls.

Calabash 2016 will also be keeping up its tradition of ending with music, but this time a twist. Having celebrated the lyrics of Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer, and with performances by Ernie Smith and, most recently, Judy Mowatt, this year’s musical feast will celebrate food.

Wayne Armond explains that the festival’s directors wanted to explore food in the music in keeping with this year’s theme ‘Fruu-ish-aan’.

“The theme ‘Fruu-ish-aan’ basically means ‘all fruits ripe’,” Armond said, “so, it was a logical conclusion.” He explains that his own research in putting together this year’s roster bore some interesting and enjoyable fruit picked from mento, ska, and reggae. 

According to Armond their playlist will not just look at music that celebrates food, but includes pieces such as Marley’s ‘Mi Belly Full But Mi Hungry’ which is food related but has a far deeper message. The session will feature festival regulars including Armond, Stevie Golding, and Ibo Cooper.

Calabash gets underway on Friday, June 3, 2016, at Jakes Resort in Treasure Beach and ends on Sunday, June 5, 2016. This year's line-up includes Marlon James, Nicole Dennis-Benn, Kei Miller, Robert McCrum, Eleanor Catton, Paul Beatty, Geoff Dyer, Vladimir Lucien, Pam Mordecai and Tishani Doshi.