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'Tribute and Celebration' for Jamaican Folk Singers Concert Season 2013

Jamaican Folk Singers during their 2012 concert season

The 2013 Concert Season for the Jamaican Folk Singers has been dubbed Tribute and Celebration. And that is precisely what they will be doing for their founder the late Dr. Olive Lewin. Lewin, who died in April 2013, is also slated to receive a posthumous Order of Merit later this year.

The three-day season of performances, running from Friday, 13 September to Sunday, 15 September will take place at The Little Theatre, Tom Redcam Avenue and the Folk Singers are promising entertainment for the entire family as they pull from their impressive repertoire of over 200 songs.

The music selected from their repertoire range from the drama of court proceedings to childhood games.  

The group was founded by Lewin in 1967, and is guided by the belief that Jamaica’s folk music, which built the bedrock for Jamaican popular music forms, was important to helping the country’s forefathers deal with harsh realities.

Jamaica Folk Singers - the 2014 concert season pays tribute to founder Olive LewinAccording to a release issued by the Jamaican Folk Singers, they believe this allows the music to remain relevant to Jamaica today. Through their performances, the Jamaican Folk Singers also attempt to bring sharp focus to the beauty and artistic merit of the music.

“The 2013 Concert Season presents another opportunity for the group to use Jamaica’s folk music and its messages to uplift Jamaica whilst highlighting some of the values of “old Jamaica”, with the music encouraging respect and understanding among people of different backgrounds,” the release said.

Throughout their 45 years, the Jamaican Folk Singers have performed in Martinique, Barbados, Cuba, Mexico, USA, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago and Argentina as well as town squares and market places in Jamaica.

Tickets for the show are available at The Little Theatre, Music Mart and Monarch Pharmacy (Sovereign Centre).