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Tessanne Electrifies at Redbones

Tessanne rocks out at Redbones the Blues Cafe

Kingston: Tessanne delivered an electrifying performance at Redbones the Blues Cafe, on Friday, September 6, 2012. In the concert dubbed ‘Tessanne: The Live Experience’ she wowed fans with a heady combination of fantastic vocals, meaningful music, and great energy, all topped by dollops of playful charm,

Tessanne delivered music from her own impressive repertoire, largely from her debut album  In Between Words, as well as new works and occasionally pulled on popular songs from a range of genres. By the end of the night, having shown that she can scat, deejay, belt love songs and rock out with the best of them, she was clearly musical force with which to reckon.

Tessanne as she croons one of her many soulful songs“My universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came,” she crooned as she came to the stage, pulling on The Wanted’s ‘Glad You Came’ as her way of thanking the audience for their support. She quickly segued into a Reggaefied version of Hoobastank’s ‘The Reason is You’, which acted as an extension of those thanks.

Tessanne then turned up the energy as she delved into the playful and sexy ‘Call Fi Di Cure’. Aided by a sampling of ‘Kill Him Wid It’ and a delicate little wine, the song unleashed her sultry side. But as monotony had no business in the night’s performance, she quickly changed the mood and rhythm, switching from Reggae to Rock with her next piece ‘Run To Yah’.

“You know it wouldn’t be me if me neva rock out di place likkle bit,” she told the audience who were already eating out of the palm of her hands and willing to go with her to which ever genre she chose.

By then it was time to lay on the love as she moved on to a suite of love songs including ‘Broken Melody’, a new track ‘Incredible Love’ and Damian Marley’s ‘Affairs of the Heart’. Before delving into Junior Gong’s track, which she dedicated to her hubby, Michael Cuff, she revealed her great admiration for Damian Marley and wish to one day perform a duet with him. Tamara Williams and Denette Lewis provide more than backup vocals

“So help me put the positive energy out there,” she told the audience, and by the time she sang the last note it was clear that her dream should come true. She closed off the first set with a return to two songs from In Between Words, ‘Black Books’ and ‘Messenger’.

The night’s second set started with the ska-infused ‘Strings of Love’. Her second piece, ‘Guilty By Design’, returned her to a more socially conscious note. “Everyone has their part to play,” she told the audience. “If we sit back and do nothing we’re just as guilty as the people who we cuss everyday,” she said, She explained that although she did not perform the song often, she had been getting requests for it recently.

Tammy ChynnThen it was time for her to call to the stage, the woman she described as her best friend, her sister and fellow singer Tammy Chynn. Together they performed ‘You and Me’. At the end of the song Tessanne, took a moment to give kudos to Cathy Levy, noting that she, her sister and numerous other entertainers had got their start among The Little People Players.

“I always got the moves wrong,” she laughingly told he audience. “I wasn’t a dancer but I can shake that booty”, and as the night wore on, she did shake that booty. Her penultimate piece was medley featuring ‘She Doesn’t Mind’, ‘We Found Love’, ‘Firework’ and ‘Bruk It Dung’. As Tessanne showed that she could bruk it dung, the audience went wild. Tessanne shows that she can bruk it dung

Her performance had been bouyed by her talented band comprising Mikey Kennedy (bass), Chris Tyrell (drums), Ozzie Lewis (keyboards), and Lamont ‘Monty’ Savory as well as Tamara Williams and Denette Lewis who provided back-up vocals.

She finished the night’s performance with a stellar rendition of ‘Hideaway’, and the thunderous applause that greeted the finale suggested that ‘Tessanne: the Live Experience’ can be used to generate electricity.