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Tessanne Chin is The Voice!

Tessanne Performs 'I Have Nothing'

In December 2001 Tessanne Chin opened for Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle at the Divas in Concert event in Kingston Jamaica, having earned the spot from a local talent competition.

Alpha Wear JA Makes Winning Pitch for Branson Centre of Caribbean Entrepreneurship

Alpha Wear JA

The Alpha Boys School successfully highlighted that rather than being just a part of Jamaica’s creative history, it has the potential to continue making contributions toward Jamaica’s creative economy by copping first place in the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean’s Pitch to Rich comp

Ke Ke Keng!: A Night of Music at Redbones with Seretse Small and Friends

Seretse Small's Ke Ke Keng at Redbones the Blues Cafe

When I first saw the title Ke Ke Keng I thought it was reference to the laughter of a female ghost.

Anonymous Rocks at Redbones

Anonymous III took place at Redbones the Blues Cafe

For the rock enthusiast, living in the land of reggae means learning to live without live music stimulation, at least for long stretches.

Tessanne Rocks The Voice and Twitter Explodes: She Could Easily Win Says Adam Levine

The twittersphere exploded with love, admiration and kudos as Jamaican songbird Tessanne took the stage at the blind auditions on Night 2 of NBC’s mega hit television series The Voice on Tuesday, 24 September.

Alpha Boys School Launches Online Radio Station

Alpha Boys School Launches an online radio station

The Alpha Boys School is as an intrinsic part of Jamaica’s popular music tapestry with past students at the Kingston school have helped to shape the history of ska, rocksteady reggae and even dancehall.

Jamaica Folk Singers Fizzle with 2013 Concert Season

Jamaica Folk Singers present worksongs

The Jamaican Folk Singers is almost as old as the nation whose folk repertoire it safeguards. The Singers have an impressive cache of folk songs and one can almost be certain that although you are likely to hear some favourites, each season won’t be a repeat of the last.

'Tribute and Celebration' for Jamaican Folk Singers Concert Season 2013

Jamaican Folk Singers during their 2012 concert season

The 2013 Concert Season for the Jamaican Folk Singers has been dubbed Tribute and Celebration. And that is precisely what they will be doing for their founder the late Dr. Olive Lewin.

Enjoyable Stroll into the 'Gungo Walk'

Michael Sean Harris and Cherine Anderson thrill with 'Beneath Your Beautiful'

Last year, the Gungo Walk Festival joined Jamaica’s entertainment calendar. Though it reportedly enjoyed a smaller audience than the first installment, the sophomore staging proffered up great energy and diversity as it continues to carve out its niche for alternative music and more.

Olive Lewin Gets Posthumous OM: Culture Dominates Jamaica's Highest Honours

Dr. Olive Lewin to receive Order of Merit, Jamaica's 4th highest honour

When musicologist and folk researcher Dr. Olive Lewin receives her much deserved, albeit posthumous, Order of Merit on Heroes Day 2013, she will become Jamaica’s 11th cultural icon to do so.