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Aston Cooke

Country Duppy - Mildly Amusing

Sharuna Miller and Shantel Mullings in Aston Cooke's Country Duppy

There are ways in which The Fairfield Theatre’s production of Aston Cooke’s Country Duppy could be construed as a valiant effort.

Aston Cooke’s Goes from the Stage to the Page

Aston Cooke's Country Duppy and Jonkanoo Jamboree

Award winning playwright Aston Cooke has released two of his most culturally intriguing plays in a new book. Country Duppy and Jonkanoo Jamboree is an entertaining and engaging foray into the vagaries of Jamaican traditional and contemporary lifestyles.

Jonkunnu Jamboree - Energetic and Entertaining Pantomime

Aston Cooke's Jonkunnu Jamboree

Aston Cooke’s Jonkunnu Jamboree, recently staged by the University Players under the direction of Michael Holgate, is an entertaining melee of dance and music. And yet it could be so much more.

A Light 'Internet Affair'

Brian-Ray Moore and Pepita Little in Aston Cooke's Internet Affair

It seems that the summer 2013 season of theatre in Jamaica was about sex, sex and more sex. The string of summer plays have produced stories about prostitutes, incest, and ... well God alone knows what Risque was about.

A 'Rahtid' Funny Revue - Jamaica Fifty 2 Rahtid

Jamaica Fifty 2 Rahtid (l-r) Camille Wilson, Marlon Campbell, Deon Silvera

Jamaica Fifty 2 Rahtid, a comedic musical revue written by Aston Cooke and directed by Dahlia Harris, provides an interesting lens through which to view Jamaica during the nation’s commemoration of its fiftieth year of independence.