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Book Industry Association of Jamaica

Kingston Book Festival Becomes Biennial Event: Next Event March 2018

Poet Mel Cooke reads to an audience as KBF 2016 lunch time event

The Book Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ) has announced that the Kingston Book Festival, usually held every March, will become an biennial event, with the next staging taking place in March 2018.

Kingston Book Fest 2015: Over 24 Events in 8 Days

Poet Tanya Shirley reads at KBF2013

Members of Jamaica’s book industry are gearing up for the 4th annual Kingston Book Festival, which will turn the city’s attention towards all things bookish over eight days. The festival takes place March 1-8, 2015.

Kellie Magnus - Moving on Up

Kellie Magnus founder and Editorial Director of Jackmandora

Kellie Magnus, the force behind Jack Mandora and author of the endearing Little Lion series of stories for children is making a play to move her company from being a small press to becoming a major player in the publishing industry.

Ian Randle and Valerie Facey Honoured at BIAJ National Book Awards 2013

Dr. Valerie Facey accepts a Special Award for contributions to publishing

Jamaica’s book industry paid homage to two stalwarts among their number at the 2013 staging of the National Book Awards, orchestrated by the The Book Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ).

BIAJ Readies for National Book Awards 2013

Jamaica's National Book Awards 2013

Jamaica’s publishing sector is getting ready to don its glitz and glamour for the 12th National Book Awards set to take place on December 5, 2013, at 6:00 pm.

National Book Awards Entries Double


According to the numbers being produced by the Book Industry Association of Jamaica, the island’s book industry is in a state of reasonable health, especially for a country with a small publishing industry and a populace constantly berated as ‘non-reading’.

Kingston Book Festival 2013 Launched

Kingston’s book industry is planning a takeover of the city in early March. Plans for a multi-venue festival were unveiled at the launch of the 2nd installment of the annual Kingston Book Festival which is planned for March 2 - 10, 2013.

Jamaican Writers Gear up to Go Digital

Amazon Kindle rests against a stack of print books

Over the past few years digital books have risen from being the underdogs of the print sector to commanding a significant portion of the publishing industry, with digital book sales sometimes outstripping print.