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Christopher Johnny Daley

Johnny Daley Goes Live

Christopher 'Johnny' Daley

A life of poverty is no laughing matter ... unless you are a comedian, then it makes for hilarious fodder for your routine.

Comedy Cook-up Anniversary Show Bubbles With Laughter

Trinidadian Rachel Price brings Comedy Cook-up 2013 to a hilarious close

The Christmas Comedy Cookup served up a hilarious stew for its 10th anniversary of stirring the comedic pot, making it Jamaica's longest running stand-up comedy show.

Christopher 'Johnny' Daley: From Lime Tree Lane to Kingston Paradise

Christopher 'Johnny' Daley

At age ten, Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley dipped his toe into the theatrical pool and since then he's been splashing around trying out different styles. Daley, now an established actor, radio talk show host and comedian, was brought into the theatre while he was attending HWT Primary.