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Dahlia Harris

Stepping Off the Stage: Female Producers on the Rise

Scarlette Beharie Producer of Woman Tongue on the rising of female producers

Women have always played important and diverse roles in Jamaican theatre from the days of writer and producer Una Marson in the 1920s and ‘30s  through to Greta Fowler co-founder of the Little Theatre Movement and on to director and co-founder of the Barn Theatre Yvonne Brewster.

Seven Women and a Scholarship - Actress Julene Robinson's Bid to Attend Rose Bruford

Julene Robinson in 'Me And My White Boy' an excerpt from The Black That I Am

With few scholarship opportunities on hand in Jamaica, the road toward higher education in the arts can be a narrow one. Time and again young artists find the best way to pave the way is through their talent and those of friends and colleagues.

Dahlia Harris' Ol' Fyah Stick: A Hilarious Romp!

Dahlia Harris' Ol' Fyah Stick

Dahlia Harris’ Ol’ Fyah Stick is a hilarious romantic comedy, with greater emphasis on the comedy than the romance.

Her Last Cry: Sensitive, Serious With a Dash of Humour

Her Last Cry

Her Last Cry is the story of two women and an abusive man. It’s a story of pain, regret, and love (or what sometimes passes for it).

Dahlia Harris' To The Finish Has A Winning Combination

(l-r) Nadean Rawlins, Christopher McFarlane and Julene Robinson in To The Finish

Jamaica’s prowess on the track has brought the nation much to. with cause to beat our collective chests and yell from the mountaintops how great we are.

Curtains Rise on Jamaican 2014 Theatre Season

Dahlia Harris' To the Finish tackles drugs in sports

Drugs in sports, a battle for inheritance between siblings, devious women scheming to get their hands on a bumpkin’s new found riches and a search for ... hmmm ... maccafat.

Thicker Than Water - A Catty Corporate Drama

Suzette Barrett (Susan) and Dahlia Harris (Kimberly) in Thicker Than Water

With Judgement and God’s Way under her belt Dahlia Harris has built a reputation for creating entertaining dramas populated by engaging characters and plots seasoned by a little intrigue.

God's Way 2 - Travels the Conventional Path

Carl Samuels (Carlton) and Nadean Rawlins (Kayla)

While it isn’t quite true that sequels are never as good as the original, it is a good rule of thumb and DMH Production’s God’s Way2: Carlton’s Redemption is no exception.  Whereas God’s Way (2011) was a refreshing exploration of contemporary Christianity,

Last Call Cops Actor Boy 2011 Top Award

Cast and Crew of Last Call

The musical Last Call danced away with the award for Production at the 22nd Actor Boy Awards which was staged by the International Theatre Institute Jamaica Centre on Monday, April 2, 2012.