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Dub Poetry

Poets Play Word Cup at Redbones


There was no football in sight, and so, being poets they played with words instead. The event was Word Cup an evening of word play. But poetry, was not the only art form to take over the field of play, as singers and musicians also had their time at the microphone.

Poetry Society of Jamaica 'Resurrects' Mikey Smith

Dub Poet Mikey Smith

The Poetry Society of Jamaica will be engaging in poetic seance as they invoke the voices and memories of poets Blacka Ellis, Mutabaruka, M’Bala, and Tommy Ricketts, director and head of the School of Drama Eugene Williams as well as actress Hilary Nicholson in ‘Resurrecting Mikey Smith’.

Intellectual Bad Gyal Unleashed at Poetry Society

Cherry Natural at the launch of Intellectual Bad Gyal

Dub poet Cherry Natural, let loose her latest collection of poetry, Intellectual Bad Gyal, at the June installment of the Poetry Society of Jamaica’s monthly fellowship.

Nomaddz' Breadfruit is Fun But Not Well Roasted

Nomaddz at the Theatre Place - Breadfruit is the New Bread, Baby

Nomaddz is a dynamic, musical/performance group who commendably try to get beyond the ordinary with their performances. As they croon in ‘Mountain Lion’ they are cocky, but endearingly so, and their repertoire lends itself to the dramatic.

Nomaddz Breaks 'Breadfruit" With New Theatrical Production


The performance group Nomaddz is returning to their theatrical roots with the staging of their upcoming production Breadfruit is the New Bread, Baby. The show, which they have christened a “dubical” is slated to hit the stage in May and should be running throughout the month.

Nomaddz Gets Dubwise at UWI

Nomaddz at the Neville Hall Lecture Theatre, UWI

In the third in a series of Reggae Talks staged by the Department of Literatures in English, UWI, Mona, Nomaddz took over the lectern at the Neville Hall Lecture Theatre.

Binta Breeze Blows Through Poetry Society

Jean 'Binta' Breeze

July’s edition of the monthly fellowship of the Poetry Society of Jamaica, at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, was graced by actor, director, choreographer and one of dub-poetry’s innovators Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze.