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A-dZiko Simba

Poetry 'Rains' at Yo! Yaddo! Word!

A-dZiko Simba performs at Yo! Yaddo! Word!

The pouring rains that showered down on Kingston on Wednesday, did little to dampen the a Yo! Yaddo! Word! fundraising event staged by A-dZiko Simba at Redbones the Blues Cafe, New Kingston. With words from Kei Miller, M’bala, Damali, Mel Cooke and Simba, it was poetry that rained.

A-dZiko Simba Reaches for Yaddo

A-dZiko Simba

The space to write is one of the most coveted treasures of all writers so A-dZiko Simba is looking forward to what may be the trip of a lifetime this summer. Simba is a poet, storyteller, scriptwriter and later this year will add novelist to that list.