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jamaica dance umbrella

Jamaica Dance Umbrella Celebrates Patsy Ricketts and Clive Thompson

(l-r) Iyun Ashani Harrison, Patsy Ricketts and Clive Thompson

The 2014 installment of the Jamaica Dance Umbrella paid homage to stalwarts of Jamaica’s dance community Clive Thompson and Patsy Ricketts, at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts.

High 'Five' for Jamaica Dance Umbrella

Steven Cornwall and Lia Chin Yee in 'Consensus'

The fifth annual Jamaica Dance Umbrella closed to the sounds of Jonkunnu as the Ashe Company and Dance Theatre Xaymaca performed the opening suite of the 2012 musical Lift Up Jamaica.

Jamaica Dance Umbrella 2013 Unfolds!

NDTC at Jamaica Dance Umbrella 2012

In celebration of their fifth anniversary, the Jamaica Dance Umbrella has brought a lot more events into its shade.

Dance Umbrella - Choreographing the Diversity of Jamaica’s Dance

'Sulkari' Performed by NDTC

For four days in March over a dozen dance companies, studios, dance crews, high school dance troupes and independent dancers of Jamaica wove intricate patterns across the stage of the Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Performing Arts, University of the West Indies, Mona.