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Jamaican Plays

Oliver Samuels Leads Cast for Basil Dawkins' Divorce Papers

Actor Oliver Samuels and playwright and producer Basil Dawkins

At a cursory glance it seems an unlikely pairing, yet odd-couples have been a hallmark of riotous stories and so it might well be fitting that this Boxing Day, Basil Dawkins will be joining forces with Oliver Samuels when Divorce Papers gets served. Divor

Patrick Brown Returns to School with Saving Alligator High

Saving Alligator High

Award-winning playwright Patrick Brown is returning to the education system with the Jambiz International upcoming comedy Saving Alligator High.

Aston Cooke’s Goes from the Stage to the Page

Aston Cooke's Country Duppy and Jonkanoo Jamboree

Award winning playwright Aston Cooke has released two of his most culturally intriguing plays in a new book. Country Duppy and Jonkanoo Jamboree is an entertaining and engaging foray into the vagaries of Jamaican traditional and contemporary lifestyles.

8 by 10 Theatre Festival x 3 Nights = 24 Dramatic Treats

Eight by Ten 2013

The sophomore Eight by Ten theatre festival has blossomed and multiplied proffering 24 plays across three nights.

Funny Kind a Love - A Witty, Dramatic Love Rectangle

Funny Kind' a Love

Patrick Brown’s Funny Kind’ a Love is a menage a quatre, or rather a love rectangle.

Laff It Off is Crammed With Laughter

Simone Cooper Clarke and Mark Martin in Laff it Off

Oliver Mair’s musical comedy revue Laff It Off is, in the main, made of pretty funny stuff.

Oliver Mair Returns with the Musical Revue Laff It Off

Writer and producer of Laff It Off, Oliver Mair

It’s been well over a decade, but writer producer Oliver Mair (Dis Ting, 1999 and Tek Dat Ting Mek Laugh, 2000), has dusted off his pen (or key board) and is returning to the Jamaican stage with a new play and he’s bringing with him a few of the ‘unus

Her Last Cry: Sensitive, Serious With a Dash of Humour

Her Last Cry

Her Last Cry is the story of two women and an abusive man. It’s a story of pain, regret, and love (or what sometimes passes for it).

Blogs and Mirrors: A Flawed Reflection

Michael Holgate's Blogs and Mirrors

Michael Holgate’s musical Blogs and Mirrors, produced by the University Players is an almost fairytale, a modern day retelling of Snow White.  There is much that is smartly done about Blogs and Mirrors and the play is occasionally quite funny, displaying a good s

Ladies of the Night Is The Actor Boy Awards' Best Production 2013

Patrick Brown's Ladies of the Night dubbed Best Production 2013

The oldest profession in the world came out on top as the metaphorical curtains came down on the Actor Boy Awards ceremony for 2013. Patrick Brown’s Ladies of the Night sashayed home with the top trophy having been crowned the Best Production of the year.