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Jamaican Plays

Hilarious! - Patrick Brown's If There's A Will, There's A Wife

Patrick Brown's If There's A Will There's A Wife

For many reasons, Patrick Brown’s If There’s A Will There’s A Wife shouldn’t be a refreshingly funny play. But it is. Actually, it is downright you-might-just-hurt-yourself-from-laughing funny.

Jambiz International Cops 19 Nominations in the Actor Boy Awards 2013

Patrick Brown's Ladies of the Night

Jambiz International Productions has emerged as the titan’s of the 2013 theatre scene copping a total of 19 nominations for their two plays Ladies of the Night and If There’s a Will There’s a Wife in the recently announced Actor Boy Awards Nominations.

Basil Dawkins' My God Don't Wear Pajamas

Hilary Nicholson and Jean Paul Menou in Basil Dawkin's My God Don't Wear Pajamas

My God Don’t Wear Pajamas. The moment I heard the name of Basil Dawkin’s latest play, I was intrigued. It was an interesting turn of phrase that I hoped would lead to an inventive and original drama.

Jamaica Sweet: A Feat of Comedic Recycling

David Tulloch's Jamaica Sweet

David Tulloch's Jamaica Sweet is a hodgepodge of old jokes, swirled around, and regurgitated and remade into a musical comedy revue. So, Jamaica Sweet is not suited for everyone's palate.

Plays by Amba Chevannes and Karl Williams For A Play, A Pie and A Pint

Julene Robinson in 'Me And My White Boy' an excerpt from The Black That I Am

Two Jamaican plays will be making the journey over the Atlantic and on to Scotland.

Dahlia Harris' To The Finish Has A Winning Combination

(l-r) Nadean Rawlins, Christopher McFarlane and Julene Robinson in To The Finish

Jamaica’s prowess on the track has brought the nation much to. with cause to beat our collective chests and yell from the mountaintops how great we are.

Curtains Rise on Jamaican 2014 Theatre Season

Dahlia Harris' To the Finish tackles drugs in sports

Drugs in sports, a battle for inheritance between siblings, devious women scheming to get their hands on a bumpkin’s new found riches and a search for ... hmmm ... maccafat.

Clues: Murder Mystery Served Up During Restaurant Week

Clues, written by Laveda Thompson and produced by Peculiar People

Murder, it seems, makes a good digestif. At least this was the idea behind, Clues which made a new addition to the Restaurant Week 2013 menu.

Jonkunnu Jamboree - Energetic and Entertaining Pantomime

Aston Cooke's Jonkunnu Jamboree

Aston Cooke’s Jonkunnu Jamboree, recently staged by the University Players under the direction of Michael Holgate, is an entertaining melee of dance and music. And yet it could be so much more.

The Fourth Time Remains a Charm for Basil Dawkins' Toy Boy

Christorpher McFarlane and Maylynne Lowe in Basil Dawkins' Toy Boy

In its fourth journey to the Jamaican stage, Basil Dawkins’ Toy Boy has been taken over by a new generation of actors and the director and they have handled themselves admirably, presenting an enjoyable take on a Jamaican play that which each staging inches closer to becoming a