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Jamaican Plays

UWI Players 'Depart' Into the Dark

Nadean Rawlins and Shanique Brown in Ginger Knight's Whiplash

Samuel Hillary’s classic Caribbean ‘Yard Play’ Departure in the Dark is returning home ... almost.

Nomaddz Breaks 'Breadfruit" With New Theatrical Production


The performance group Nomaddz is returning to their theatrical roots with the staging of their upcoming production Breadfruit is the New Bread, Baby. The show, which they have christened a “dubical” is slated to hit the stage in May and should be running throughout the month.

Boy Blue - Amusing

Boy Blue (Oliver Samuels) threatens Bella (Dennis Titus)

After watching my second Ginger Knight play in just a few months, I’m growing  increasingly fond of his skill with the pen.

Two Can Play - Fairly Well Played

Rosie Murray (Gloria) and Paul Skeen (Jim) in the Trevor Rhone's Two Can Play

I approached Two Can Play, currently running at The Pantry Playhouse, New Kingston, with more than a hint of trepidation. The radio advertising had promised over-acting and raunchy miss-direction.

Dangerous Ambitions Misses Its Mark

Sarge (Volier Johnson) and Coach (Christopher McFarlane)

A look at corruption, especially political corruption, is a regular element of the Jamaican stage.

Wine and Roses Stumbles Through Cougar town

Carol (Rosie Murray) and Jonathan (Rosie Murray) in Wine and Roses

The concept of the cougar remains one of those delectable topics that society likes to chew on. Ideas of predatory older women using much younger men to sate their needs, once such a faux pas, are now all over popular culture.

God's Way 2 - Travels the Conventional Path

Carl Samuels (Carlton) and Nadean Rawlins (Kayla)

While it isn’t quite true that sequels are never as good as the original, it is a good rule of thumb and DMH Production’s God’s Way2: Carlton’s Redemption is no exception.  Whereas God’s Way (2011) was a refreshing exploration of contemporary Christianity,

Lift Up Jamaica - Bouyed by Music and Dance

Onaje Bell - Lift Up Jamaica

The musical Lift Up Jamaica, the combined creative effort of Ashe and Dance Theatre Xaymaca is an energetic production even though the plot occasionally stumbles over the play’s attempts to address the numerous ills of Jamaican society.

Whiplash - Crackles with Political Potency

Sweetie (Shanique Brown) cradles Dennis (Brian Johnson)

Jamaica is yet to recover from the political violence spawned in the late 1960s that in a sense peaked in the bloody 1980 elections which drowned the country in a sea of blood.

Yard 2012 - Tickling the Funny Bone of Jamaican History

The Tainos, the "original yardies" look on at the arrival of Columbus

Kingston, Jamaica: Yard 2012, written and directed by Patrick Brown, is a hilarious take on Jamaican history that rests somewhere between celebration and poking fun at the country during its commemoration of its fiftieth year of independence.