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Jamaican theatre

'Imagine' Fumbles in the Dark

Cathi Levy's 'Imagine' photo by Howard Levy

Cathi Levy’s Imagine is an ambitious project. As a theatre-in-black production it separates itself from the entertainment fare usually available on the local landscape.

Anancy Gets Athletic in Winners Circle

Melissa Halliman as Anancy

One of Jamaica’s most celebrated folk heroes, Anancy, is joining forces with the country’s contemporary heroes, our athletes and musicians when Winners Circle, the third installment of the Anancy Chaptaz hits the stage.

Nomaddz Breaks 'Breadfruit" With New Theatrical Production


The performance group Nomaddz is returning to their theatrical roots with the staging of their upcoming production Breadfruit is the New Bread, Baby. The show, which they have christened a “dubical” is slated to hit the stage in May and should be running throughout the month.

Eight by Ten - Diverse and Delightful Theatre

Julene Robinson in 'Me and My White Boy' directed by Nadan Rawlins

Apparently I’m very greedy. So when Eight by Ten 2013 ended, rather than being satisfied at having been served up a wonderful night of diverse theatre, I wanted more. It was a night bouyed by great writing, acting and direction and bite size pieces of daring, diverse, delightful theatre.

Dangerous Ambitions Misses Its Mark

Sarge (Volier Johnson) and Coach (Christopher McFarlane)

A look at corruption, especially political corruption, is a regular element of the Jamaican stage.

Oliver Samuels Delivers 'Straight Talk' to Alpha Boys

Oliver Samuels

Veteran actor of the screen and stage Oliver Samuels delivered the inaugural Straight Talk at the Alpha Boys School, Kingston, last Friday morning (January 11).  Samuels gave a short performance for the boys before launching into a motivational speech after which he fielded questions from s

God's Way 2 - Travels the Conventional Path

Carl Samuels (Carlton) and Nadean Rawlins (Kayla)

While it isn’t quite true that sequels are never as good as the original, it is a good rule of thumb and DMH Production’s God’s Way2: Carlton’s Redemption is no exception.  Whereas God’s Way (2011) was a refreshing exploration of contemporary Christianity,

Celebrating Maas Ran's 100th - LTM Celebrates an Icon

Ranny Williams aka Maas Ran

Jamaican comedy is most likely a bastard child, but should it claim a father, it probably would be laid at the feet of the iconic comic actor Ranny Williams.

Leonie Forbes Autobiography Launched

Leonie Forbes

It is only fitting that the launch for the autobiography of one of the Caribbean’s most stellar actresses take place in a theatre.

Gloria Lannaman's Classic Stanley, Fay, Pularchie and P Returns to the Stage

Cast members of Stanley, Fay, Pularchie and P (contributed photo)

A Jamaican classic is returning to the boards this summer with the re-staging of Gloria Lannaman’s historical play Stanley, Fay, Pularchie and P.