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NLS 'Kickstarts' First Summer Residency

LSX at the NLS exhibition Binary Solved

The NLS art space, located in Kingston, has launched a month-long Kickstarter campaign to fund their first summer residency. NLS hopes to host Washington DC based performance artist, sculptor, and photographer Wilmer Wilson IV during summer 2013.

NLS Presents an 'Intimate Encounter' With Marlon James

Marlon James

In the tiny room that houses the big ambitions of the NLS art initiative, photographer Marlon James staged his first solo exhibition, Intimate Encounters.

Binary Solved - Word & Sound Art Installation

Binary Solved Art Installation at NLS

Having fuddled the address for the New Local Space (NLS), I reached the first night of Binary Solved, a little later than intended, while driving around the Mountain View area I had been tempted to simply abandon the search and head home instead.