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Olive Lewin

Jamaica Folk Singers Fizzle with 2013 Concert Season

Jamaica Folk Singers present worksongs

The Jamaican Folk Singers is almost as old as the nation whose folk repertoire it safeguards. The Singers have an impressive cache of folk songs and one can almost be certain that although you are likely to hear some favourites, each season won’t be a repeat of the last.

'Tribute and Celebration' for Jamaican Folk Singers Concert Season 2013

Jamaican Folk Singers during their 2012 concert season

The 2013 Concert Season for the Jamaican Folk Singers has been dubbed Tribute and Celebration. And that is precisely what they will be doing for their founder the late Dr. Olive Lewin.

Olive Lewin Gets Posthumous OM: Culture Dominates Jamaica's Highest Honours

Dr. Olive Lewin to receive Order of Merit, Jamaica's 4th highest honour

When musicologist and folk researcher Dr. Olive Lewin receives her much deserved, albeit posthumous, Order of Merit on Heroes Day 2013, she will become Jamaica’s 11th cultural icon to do so.

A Rich Tapestry of Jamaican Folk Music - Ja Folk Singers

Jamaica Folk Singers delve into Revival