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Aston Cooke’s Comedy Joins the Immigration Conversation in New York

Aston Cooke’s Single Entry slated for Queens
Immigration is currently one of the most topical issues in the United States, and Queens based Braata Productions is once again tapping into that debate, this time around through the comedic lens of Aston Cooke’s award-winning play Single Entry.

The Bacchae Trips on Its Good Intentions

Marvin George's adaptation of The Bacchae

In the School of Drama’s current interpretation of Euripedes’ The Bacchae, director Marvin George attempts to translate the greek tragedy to issues of relevance to the contemporary Caribbean. It is an attempt born of great intentions, both creative and cultural.

Benefit Performance of When the Cat's Away for 'Maas Jasper's' Passing

Poster of When the Cat's Away

To many Calvin Morris, who died on Thursday June 27, 2013 was known simply as ‘Maas Jasper’ the country farmer who arrived on the hit television serial Lime Tree Lane during the latter year’s of the show’s run on the then Jamaica Broadcasting Television.