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Tribe Sankofa

A Clash of Black Bodies: Barrington Watson in Conversation with Tribe Sankofa

Tribe Sankofa performs Black Bodies against the backdrop of Barrington Watson

Since the introduction of the National Gallery of Jamaica’s Last Sundays programme, one of its most intriguing elements has been how they strive to match the day’s entertainment with the exhibition. Sometimes the link is casual, even tenuous.

Tribe Sankofa Gets 'Turnt Up' With Kei Miller and Michael Sean Harris

Kei Miller, Yashika Graham and Michael Sean Harris for World Soul in December

Tribe Sankofa is getting ‘turnt up’! At least so declares the name of their upcoming edition of their Word Soul performance event. The list of guest performers slated to join the Tribe for the performance suggests that this is no empty boast.

In the Red & Brown Reveals Intriguing Murky Depths

Tribe Sankofa performs In the Red and Brown Water

Tarrell Alvin McCraney’s In the Red and Brown Water is a play built on myth and mysticism though not divorced from a contemporary reality. Its arrival on the Jamaican stage comes at the hands of Fabian Thomas (director) and Tribe Sankofa.

Word Soul: Eclectic & a little Electric

Tanya Stephens brought her exceptional wit to the night

With 15 members and guest performers, it wasn’t hard for Tribe Sankofa to deliver an eclectic night, but there were moments when they also managed to be electric. Word-Soul: The Redbones Edition, was the group’s first official performance as a collective.

Adding Heart to Their Art

Tribe Sankofa

When Tribe Sankofa stages its first official performance, dubbed Word-Soul: the Redbones Edition, their intention will not merely be to present an eclectic night of performing and visual art, but also to raise approximately $200,000 as part-scholarship for two students at the Edna Manley College