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Young Caribbean artists

12 Emerging Artists for Caribbean Linked III

12 Emerging Caribbean Artists for Caribbean Linked III

New works from 12 new and emerging artists from across the Dutch, English, French and Spanish Caribbean will converge in Caribbean Linked III at the contemporary art studio Atiliers ’89! in Aruba.

Olivia McGilchrist Talks Art, Artistry and Inspiration

Audiences enjoy the mysticism of McGhilchrist's 'Native Girl' in New Roots

Olivia McGilchrist returned to the island of her birth, Jamaica, in 2011 and since then her pursuit of an understanding of her identity has graffitied itself onto the Jamaican artistic landscape to great acclaim.

SVA Unveils Diverse Works in Final Year Exhibition 2013

New Jamaica questions through music and street art

At the opening of the 2012 National Biennial at the National Gallery of Jamaica, Veerle Poupeye pointed to the breadth of strong entries from young artists, many of whom were recent graduates of the School of Visual Arts, Edna Manley College.