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Emerging Choreographers Take Centre Stage in NDTC's 52nd Season of Dance

National Dance Theatre Company 52nd Season of Dance

The National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) will once again take over the floor boards of the Little Theatre as the company stages its 52nd season of dance. Interestingly, the new works, which are dominated by emerging choreographers provide a bit of a window through which to view the future of Jamaican dance.

The 2014 season will include pieces by Chris Walker, Oneil Pryce and Patrick Earle. Walker will contribute two of the five new pieces in the season: Rough Drafts and the solo Mountain Climbing - a tribute to the late Professor Rex Nettleford. From Pryce’s rarely disappointing mind will come Traversing: More Than Speed Bumps while Earle presents  Aboriginal Mix (aka Didgeridoo). Veteran choreographer Clive Thompson completes the slate of new pieces with The Question.

Now under the aesthetic stewardship of Barry Moncrieffe (Artistic Director) Marlon Simms (Associate Artistic Director) The NDTC season will also include four pieces from their active repertoire. The company will present Gene Carson’s Cry of the Spirit, Jamie J. Thompson’s Don’t Leave Me as well as Clive Thompson’s Malungu, an exploration of the life of famed trombonist Don Drummond. Nettleford’s Gerrehbenta will close each night. 

Four remounted works are also being mixed into this year’s repertoire. So Rex Nettleford’s Dialogue for Three (1963), Dis Poem (1988) and Spirits at a Gathering (1995) make their return. The menage-a-trois Dialogue for Three is expected to be the centre-piece of the season of dance and will challenge Marisa Benain, Stefanie Thomas, Kerry-Ann Henry, Maia Pereira, Marlon Simms, Kevin Moore and Paul Newman to step into the dance shoes of NDTC founding members Bert Rose, Sheila Barnett and Barbara Requa.

Leni William’s Sweet in the Morning (1982) and an excerpt of Arsenio Andrade-Calderon’s Dimensions (2004) are the other dances being remounted. 

The NDTC Singers, under the direction of Ewan Simpson in his sophomore year as the company’s musical director, will present a suite of folk songs. 

The National Dance Theatre Company’s 2014 season of dance will take place from July 25 through to August 25 at the Little Theatre, Tom Redcam Avenue, Kingston.