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Jean Small, Noel Dexter and Marjorie Whylie Receive Philip Sherlock Awards

(l-r) Jean Small, Noel Dexter O.D., and Marjorie Whylie O.D.

Three iconic members of the Jamaican creative landscape, Jean Small, Noel Dexter, O.D. and Marjorie Whylie O.D. received the inaugural Philip Sherlock Centre Award. The award ceremony was held at the Philip Sherlock Centre, UWI Mona, on Thursday, June 13, 2013.

Dr. Brian Heap explained that the annual award will have one recipient however it was decided that Dexter, Whylie and Small would be treated differently and be awarded together.

Julene Robinson performs an excerpt of A Black Woman's Tale“When the topic of the Philip Sherlock Award was first mentioned it was decided that it could in no way be an common mango,” Dr. Heap said.

The three uncommon mangoes of the night were given a framed image of Sir Philip Sherlock created by Michael ‘Freestlye’ Thompson and a citation, read by Michael Holgate. They were also treated to witty and charming salutes by three venerable colleagues.

Professor Edward Baugh paid homage to Jean Small while Vivian Crawford saluted Noel Dexter and Dr. Barbara Gloudon brought salutations for Marjorie Whylie. The evening also featured performances highlighting the artistic accomplishments of each of the awardees.Ellan Neil pays tribute to the music of Noel Dexter

Julene Robinson, under direction from Carolyn Allen, presented an excerpt from Jean Small’s ‘A Black Woman’s Tale’. Ellan Neil and Dr. Kathy Brown presented music from Noel Dexter, including ‘One Thing Lead’s to Another’ created for a pantomime. Stevie Golding, Ewan Simpson, Gay Magnus, and Mickey Fletcher paid homage to the work of Marjorie Whylie.

Members of the UWI SingersMarjorie Whyle, during her response on behalf of the awardees, noted that all three of them had come under the Sir Philip’s influence during their undergraduate years.

“To receive an award which is given in his [Sir Philip Sherlock] memory is an uplifting experience,” Whylie said.

The night ended with a stellar example of the creative imagination and exploits that the nation has inherited through the Philip Sherlock Centre when the UWI Singers, who has also opened the show, presented a large excerpt of their 2013 season.