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Last Call Cops Actor Boy 2011 Top Award

Cast and Crew of Last Call

The musical Last Call danced away with the award for Production at the 22nd Actor Boy Awards which was staged by the International Theatre Institute Jamaica Centre on Monday, April 2, 2012. The event was staged at the Chasers Lounge, Haining Road in what was a snazzy but much pared down production than the usual fare.

Though the musical, written and directed by Kieran King, earned the night’s top award, it was Father Ho Lung and Friend’s Acts of the Apostles which carried off the largest cache of trophies at the end of the night. The opera copped a total of six statuettes including the awards for Costume (Denise Robinson), Musical and Special Effects (Robin Baston).

DMH Productions was also giving praises by the end of the night as their production God’s Way earned the awards for New Jamaican Play, Supporting Actor (Ainsley Whyte) and Drama. God’s Way, a play which deliberately targets the gospel market, was written and directed by Dahlia Harris, who had also received a nomination for her portrayal of the lead character. It was however another DMH Production, the comedy Back-A-Yaad, that walked away with the coveted Actress in a Lead Role statuette which went to Deon Silvera for her portrayal of Maddy.

Glen Campbell, who was nominated twice in the category of Actor in a Lead Role for his performances in Charlie’s Angels and Breadfruit Kingdom earned the award for his portrayal of the womanizing Charlie in Charlie’s Angels. Charlie’s Angels also copped awards for Comedy and Director (Trevor Nairne and Patrick Brown). The final acting award of the night went to Nadean Rawlins for her performance in the Basil Dawkins drama Where is My Father.

The Actor Boy Awards 2011 was ably hosted by the inimitable duo Winston ‘Bello’ Bell and Owen ‘Blacka’ Ellis. Additionally, the evening was bouyed by Keisha Patterson who belted broadway standards to the delight of the audience. The ITI Jamaica Centre also paid tribute to the School of Drama at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts by honouring it with the Actor Boy Award for Excellence. Owen Ellis also received the inaugural Actor Boy Special Award for his one man production Un.

Full Results 2011

Set Design: Keiran King & Patrick Williams – Last Call

Costume Design: Denise Robinson – Acts of the Apostles

Lighting Design: Nadia Roxburg & Keiran King – Last Call

Special Effects: Robin Baston – Acts of the Apostles

Original Song: Fr Richard Holung – We believe: Acts of the Apostles  

Original Score: Wynton Williams & Fr. Richard Holung – Acts of the Apostles

Choreography: Paul Shaw – Acts of the Apostles
New Play: Dahlia Harris – God’s Way
Children Theatre: Anancy Chaptaz –di beginning – Independent Actors Movement

Comedy: Charlie’s Angels – Jambiz International

Drama: God’s Way – DMH Productions

Musical: Acts of the Apostles - Father Richard Holung & Missionaries of the Poor

Supporting Actor: Ainsley Whyte - God’s Way

Supporting Actress: Nadean Rawlings- Where is My Father
Actor in a Lead Role: Glen Campbell- Charlie’s Angels
Actress in a Lead Role: Deon Silvera- Back-A-Yaard

Director: Trevor Nairne & Patrick Brown – Charlie’s Angel

Production: Eight Seven Six – Last Call