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Patrick Brown Romantic Comedy Hurricane Honeymoon Blows into Little Theatre

Cast of Patrick Brown's Hurricane Honeymoon

Patrick Brown’s romantic comedy Hurricane Honeymoon is blowing into the Little Theatre this weekend, where it will remain until at least mid-June. Producers Jambiz International are promising that this 2015 reprisal of Brown’s comedy, will be “a Category 1 force” of entertainment, set to “blow audiences away”. 

Hurricane Honeymoon will feature veteran and award winning actor Glen Campbell surrounded by a slate of young actors Ricky Rowe, Shantol Jackson, Natalee Cole and Akeem Mignott. 

Campbell takes on the role of Marley, the hotel caretaker, a role he shares with Rowe. Interestingly, Marley was one of the last roles played by the late Charles Hyatt, for whom there will be a special tribute on June 13, 2015.  

Hurricane Honeymoon is an exploration of marriage traversed through the experiences of newlyweds John and Hilda Charm, whose trip to the Pleasure Beach hotel brings more than a dalliance in paradise. What the couple unpack is a suitcase full of secrets that transforms their shabby hotel room to a war zone, and the tensions heightens as the romantic storms will be competing with a real hurricane, fast approaching. The property’s caretaker, Marley also gets pulled into the tumultuous triangle.

Hurricane Honeymoon first came to life under the name Friends in the 1980s as a two-hander starring Glen Campbell and Bertina McCaulay. It returned years later as a three-hander named Hurricane Lovers.

The curtains went up on Hurricane Honeymoon on, Saturday, May 30, 2015 and the play will remain at the Little Theatre for the next three weeks. The production plays Fridays to Sundays.