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Seven Women and a Scholarship - Actress Julene Robinson's Bid to Attend Rose Bruford

Julene Robinson in 'Me And My White Boy' an excerpt from The Black That I Am

With few scholarship opportunities on hand in Jamaica, the road toward higher education in the arts can be a narrow one. Time and again young artists find the best way to pave the way is through their talent and those of friends and colleagues. So rising thespian Julene Robinson has gathered some of the island’s finest acting and writing talent to create the production Seven Shades of Woman which will be staged at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts on Tuesday, December 15, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. 

Seven Shades of Woman is a montage production featuring multiple pieces which explore contemporary Jamaican femininity. The stories span conversations about blackness, identity, internal struggles, mother-daughter relationships and more. They dig beyond the facade to unmask people and relationships and reveal the true self.

Robinson, who for the past few years has built a solid reputation as one of Jamaica’s finest young actresses, has appeared in Basil Dawkin’s Where Is My Father, Dahlia Harris’  To The Finish and Samuel Hillary’s Departure in the Dark. The production is being staged as a part of Robinson’s attempt to raise funds to cover her tuition at the prestigious Rose Bruford College in the UK, where she will study ensemble performance.

For Seven Shades of Woman, Robinson has pulled together the impressive acting skills of Dahlia Harris, Nadean Rawlins, Sakina Deer, Noelle Kerr, Shantol Jackson, Petrina Williams and GiRL for the event. These women, have been dubbed the ‘Queens of Jamaican Theatre’ for the event. Whether they are indeed reigning might be a matter of debate, but they have all been known to deliver solid and sometimes stellar performances. 

Rawlins and Harris will both play multiple roles in the event. Harris also will provide both writing and directing skills while Rawlins will also direct. Seven Shades of Woman will also feature writing by Karl Williams, Patrick Brown, Noelle Kerr, and Matthew Murrell, while Brown, Danar Williams, and Brian Heap will bring a mixture of new and experienced acting chops to the event.

Seven Shades of Woman is a part of Robinson’s wider bid to get the general public to “lay a brick on the Road to Rose”. The performance is being complemented by a GoFundMe Campaign. 

Tickets for the event are $2000.