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'Imagine' Fumbles in the Dark

Cathi Levy's 'Imagine' photo by Howard Levy

Cathi Levy’s Imagine is an ambitious project. As a theatre-in-black production it separates itself from the entertainment fare usually available on the local landscape.

Anancy Gets Athletic in Winners Circle

Melissa Halliman as Anancy

One of Jamaica’s most celebrated folk heroes, Anancy, is joining forces with the country’s contemporary heroes, our athletes and musicians when Winners Circle, the third installment of the Anancy Chaptaz hits the stage.

Nomaddz' Breadfruit is Fun But Not Well Roasted

Nomaddz at the Theatre Place - Breadfruit is the New Bread, Baby

Nomaddz is a dynamic, musical/performance group who commendably try to get beyond the ordinary with their performances. As they croon in ‘Mountain Lion’ they are cocky, but endearingly so, and their repertoire lends itself to the dramatic.

Light Shines from Departure in the Dark

Nadean Rawlins (Lilian) and Audley Green (Andrew) in Departure in the Dark

“Life is a dream and a promise.” This line, heavily coated in bitterness and loss and delivered by Lilian Martin toward the end of Departure in the Dark, captures the essence of the play.

Dancehall Meets Poetry at Rhyme & Lyme

Sabrena McDonald reads at Rhyme and Lyme

Though Dancehall music and poetry are not the most common of bedfellows, it was the combination offered up at Rhyme and Lyme on Monday night. The first in the monthly series featured performances by Mel Cooke, Sabrena McDonald and rising DJ Darrio.

UWI Players 'Depart' Into the Dark

Nadean Rawlins and Shanique Brown in Ginger Knight's Whiplash

Samuel Hillary’s classic Caribbean ‘Yard Play’ Departure in the Dark is returning home ... almost.

Cathy Levy Returns to Theatre With 'Imagine"

Cathy Levy (second left) with past and present members of Little People

Cathy Levy is making her return to the theatre and she is bringing an army of puppets, dancers and designers with her.

Strong Comedy, A Touch of Music & Weak Magic - Comedytaiment April

Owen 'Blakka' Ellis

Comedytainment returned to Red Bones the Blues Cafe for the April installment of the bi-monthly helping of comedy and a hodgepodge of other entertainment. This month it was a combination of comedy, magic and a smattering of music.

The Grogge Shoppe Gets Theatrical With Rhyme and Lyme

Sabrena McDonald in Anancy Chaptaz: Gold Rush

The Grogge Shoppe at Devon House, Kingston, is about to take a turn for the theatrical when The Independent Actor’s Movement (IAM) introduces a new monthly live show being dubbed Rhyme and Lyme. The show is promising a diverse combination of theatre, poetry and music.

Nomaddz Breaks 'Breadfruit" With New Theatrical Production


The performance group Nomaddz is returning to their theatrical roots with the staging of their upcoming production Breadfruit is the New Bread, Baby. The show, which they have christened a “dubical” is slated to hit the stage in May and should be running throughout the month.