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Tallawah Drama Festival 2013

Osisi Abathathu winner of Best Production, Tallawah 2013

The Commuting Students bubbled to the top of the 2013 Tallawah Festival, taking home the night’s top honours with the three-hander Osisi Abathathu (an excerpt from The Escape of Three Sisters).

Theatre 'Clues' in to Restaurant Week Jamaica With Dinner and a Play

Stephanie Hazel and Jerry Benzwick, cast members of Clues, dine

This Restaurant Week (November 8 - 16, 2013) diners can choose to have an order of theatre with their meals as new production house Peculiar People teams up with The Pantry Ltd to serve up Clues a dinner and theatre event.  Though dinner theatre is no strange occurrence, albeit a rare one i

The Riotous Roasting of Christopher 'Johnny' Daley

Christopher Johnny Daley between Roasters Michael Abrahams & Dorothy Cunningham

It is probably a testament to the architectural skills of whomever built the Jamaica Pegasus, that the building was not completely destroyed by the riotous laughter emanating from the ballroom on Monday night, November 4, 2013.

Man Talk: Good Intentions but Problematic Execution

Earl Warner's Man Talk directed by Joan Belfon

Earl Warner’s Man Talk, as the name suggests, is a gathering of men talking - in bars, on cricket pitches, around domino tables, at funerals, in electronics stores and other stereotypical sites of male bonding. It is men talking to men and about men.

David Heron Lands Lead in Shakespearean Tradgedy Coriolanus in New York

David Heron plays the lead in the title role of Coriolanus: The African Warrior

Jamaican actor David Heron has earned himself the enviable task of tackling the role of one Shakespeare’s lesser known, but no less valued heroes, Coriolanus.

Stella Maris Dance Ensemble Celebrates 20 Years

Stella Maris from their 2012 Season of Dance

The Stella Maris Dance Ensemble has turned 20, stepping out of their teenage years and deepening their status as one of the premier Jamaican dance troupes for young dancers. The 20th season of dance will feature guest choreography by Neila Ebanks, Toki Gonzalez  and Dr.

Jonkunnu Jamboree - Energetic and Entertaining Pantomime

Aston Cooke's Jonkunnu Jamboree

Aston Cooke’s Jonkunnu Jamboree, recently staged by the University Players under the direction of Michael Holgate, is an entertaining melee of dance and music. And yet it could be so much more.

'Earth': Dance, Sculpture, Poetry

Neila Ebanks in 'Earth'

Derek Walcott's poem 'Earth' was transformed with music and live sculpture through the combined artistry of sculptor Toby Grant and the dance and choreography of Neila Ebanks. The two engaged in a six-hour collaboration between the two artists that had passersby slowing down or coming over.

Karl William's 'Not About Eve' Scores Three Nominations in the 2013 VIV Awards

(l-r) Andrew Clarke, Jeff Anderson Gunter and Karl Williams at the 2013 NBTF

The Off-Broadway Revival of Karl William’s Not About Eve has scored three nominations from the AUDELCO Recognition Awards for Excellence in Black Theatre, the VIV Awards.

The Fourth Time Remains a Charm for Basil Dawkins' Toy Boy

Christorpher McFarlane and Maylynne Lowe in Basil Dawkins' Toy Boy

In its fourth journey to the Jamaican stage, Basil Dawkins’ Toy Boy has been taken over by a new generation of actors and the director and they have handled themselves admirably, presenting an enjoyable take on a Jamaican play that which each staging inches closer to becoming a